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* The alto saxophone and flute player Bruno MEILLIER was born in 1956 in Saint-Etienne, France.

* Co-founder of jazz-funk band Les i (1979-1985). Former member of RIO band Etron Fou Leloublan (1981-1983). Co-founded the duo Bruniferd with EFL bass player, Ferdinand RICHARD (1984-1998)

* Co-founded  Zero Pop (1985-1994) in NYC in 1986 with guitarist Mark HOWELL. Succesive collaborations of Ikue MORI, Jim MENESES, Evan GALLAGHER and Bruce GOLDEN on drums.

* Saxophone duo Ni Trêve, Ni Relâche (1984-1991) with Daniel BROTHIER. Le Vaste Océan trio (1996-2000) with Dominique LENTIN and Cyrille CAUVET. Best Before trio founded in 1999 included Dominique LENTIN and Paed CONCA.

* Siphono, electronics duo founded in 1998 with Toshimaru NAKAMURA.

* Performs solo since 1976. Musics for dance, theater and video. Has played with Pierre BASTIEN, Nick DIDKOVSKY, Jacques DI DONATO, Hans TAMMEN, Noël AKCHOTÉ, Christian ROLLET, Dominique REGEF, Jim O'ROURKE, Chris COCHRANE, Mat WAND, René LUSSIER, Doug HENDERSON, Lukas SIMONIS, Anthony COLEMAN, Jean MORIERES, Pascale LABBÉ, Tenko UENO, Sachiko M, HACO, Tetuzi  AKIYAMA, Taku SUGIMOTO, Taku UNAMI, Tom WALSH, Philippe HERPIN, Dan WARBURTON, Fabrizio SPERA, etc

* Concerts and tours in Europe, North-America and Japan

* Artistic director of the Festival Des Musiques Innovatrices of Saint-Etienne (first edition in 87). Runs the label SMI (20 tittles).

* Label manager for the distribution company ORKHÊSTRA INTERNATIONAL, since 2003. Collaborator for the Rhino Jazz Festival and AMI organisation in Marseille



Selected Discography :

* Bruno MEILLIER “Onze Bonbons “ (Orkhestra)/ "Rapt" (SMI)/ "Recueil" (SMI)/ "Solo Saxophone" (52ème rue Est)


* BEST BEFORE "04/04/44" (SMI)




* ZERO POP "All The Big Mystics" (RecRec)/ "Glows In The Dark" (RecDec)

* BRUNIFERD "Pas sages, secrets" (Stupeur & Trompette!)/"Un Putch Kitch"(NM CD)/ "Bruniferd" (RecRec)

* ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN "43 Songs in 3 CDs"(Muséa)/"Les Sillons de la Terre"(Le Chant du Monde)

* LES I "les i"(Celluloïd)/"Dans l'Hémisphère Nord"(Le Chant du Monde)/"Ou Bien"(AYAA)/"30 années d'agitation musicale en France" (Spalax)

+ various participations & compilations (MEETING AT OFF SITE vol 1/DÉBILE MENTHOL / Chritiane COHADE/ EXQUISITE CORPSES / Pierre BASTIEN / Pascale LABBÉ / WAKAN / BUNT / POETIC SILHOUETTES / Compendium Maleficarum 3 /...)